About Reiki Services

Providing Energy Healing In Clarksville Tennessee and beyond.

“Each session lasts one hour and includes a before and after consultation, Chakra diagnosis, energy and aura reading.”

Reiki Healing Session: 60 Minutes

Reiki is a healing modality that promotes emotional, physical and spiritual well-being by removing stagnant energy or blockages and replacing with the pure Life Force Energy. 


Reiki and Crystal Healing Session: 60 Minutes

A Reiki session with the addition of crystals.  Crystals are energy batteries with specific healing properties and are selected specifically for the client's needs and placed on and around the body during the healing session to amplify the flow of energy. Includes a crystal recommendation for the client to implement into their self-care regimen.


Tarot Reading: 60 Minutes

Tarot has been used for centuries and is a healing tool utilized to give the client insight and clarity to their specific questions.   All Tarot readings are tailored to the client's specific needs.  Clients can ask as many questions as they like during their session. (Tarot Readings can be done in person, phone, email or Skype.)


Add on Service:   

Tarot Reading: 20 Minutes:

A 20 Minute Tarot Card reading is available as an add on, same day service to clients who receive a 1 hour session.  Clients may ask as many questions as they like during their session.


Quantum Light Healing: 60 Minutes

This modality directs a higher frequency of energy to the client to remove and heal past trauma that is affecting physical, emotional, spiritual and mental well-being bringing all elements of the energetic body back into balance and wholeness.  Each session last 1 hour and includes a before and after consultation


House Blessing / Clearing:  60 Minutes

Remove stagnant or negative energy from your home, work space, any physical dwelling.  Shannon uses her abilities as an intuitive Reiki Master to determine the source, cause and location of the unwanted energy and removes it.  Service will begin with a walk-thru, energy reading, clearing and blessing.


Distance Healing: 60 Minutes

Energy healing can be sent to anyone, anyplace or anytime and receive the same healing benefits as an in person session.  Healing energy is not limited to time, space or distance.   A distance healing session will include a before and after phone or Skype consultation and healing session.  Clients are recommended to be in a quiet and comfortable space during their distance healing session.

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