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Meet Shannon Hull

Reiki Master

Shannon has always had an affinity towards healing and spirituality.   Her gifts as an empath and intuitive were present in early childhood.  Shannon attained her Reiki Master Level 3 Certification in August 2016 after much intense practice and training so that she could provide healing to others and continue the Reiki lineage through teaching and certification.  Reiki has been instrumental and life changing for Shannon and it is her absolute passion and spiritual calling to provide Reiki and Crystal Healing to others so that they too can learn how to self-heal and achieve balance in their lives.

The healing benefits of Reiki and Crystals are infinite.  Shannon's mission as a professional healer is to provide her clients with customized healing sessions to remove energy blockages, promote relaxation and promote balance within the mind, body and spirit.


Why Reiki?

It can help with

Promotes Relaxation

The soothing atmosphere of a Reiki session promotes deep relaxation.

Fights Fatigue

Reiki can help sweep away stagnant energy that has been causing some forms of mental fatigue.

Emotional Well Being

Reiki can help restore a sense of peace with your inner self.

Chakra Alignment

Reiki Masters have the ability to determine where energy is blocked and help move energy to unlock and realign your chakras.

Provides a
Sense of Serenity

Reiki gives your mind an escape from the hectic world around us.


Reiki can help to cull stress and tension from the body and your spirit.


I really enjoyed my session with Shannon. She is truly gifted. I didn’t know how to feel after the experience but I must tell you it was amazing. I want more that’s how happy I was I feel more relaxed and ready to conquer the world! her hands are magical....I can’t wait to try it again.

— Antana B

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